Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Beginning

An original title to start things off, right.

Tonight, Physical Education Professor John McNamara (top), Government & Communications Department Secretary Judy Ricciardo (middle) and myself (Director of Media Relations - bottom with son Adam) embark of a ten day pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, the man whose ideals our College is founded on.

It's an amazing opportunity and part of a fairly recent and generous tradition started by former College President Frank J. Macchiarola and continued under current President Brendan J. Dugan, to send a diverse group of St. Francis Faculty, Staff, Administrators and Brothers to Assisi each year; All to help us better understand the Franciscan Tradition that binds our College community together.

I'm not sure if I will have the ability to post photos of the trip along the way, but will certainly offer that upon our return.

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