Friday, October 9, 2009


In the preparations for the trip, it says that you must be physically fit to undertake the walking demands of the trip. We all assumed it was to go from place to place. But it's actually just to be able to go back and forth to your room. It's seven solid flights from the street to many of the rooms (including all the SFC people). A measly five for some others. Then another flight to get to the roof garden. What is this Brownstone Brooklyn? Who knew the Italians invented walkups.

In any case tomorrow we go to Carceri where St. Francis spent much of his solitude time. I plan to walk back if the rain holds out - about 45 minutes downhill. In the Franciscan Spirit John intends to run there and walk or run back. And for those curious, it will be his first physical activity - jet lag hit him pretty hard.

We'll also be observing a bit of quiet solitude, does blogging count?

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